Stelvio Experience

Have you ever heard about Stelvio Experience?

  • Accompanied group rides with expert guides

  • Van for mechanical support during longer loop rides (incl. refreshments and snacks)

  • Backpack service transport to the top of your ride

  • Photo shoot

A real unique experience well study for our guests in collaboration with our partner Stelvio Experience: we offer the possibility to have the access to interesting packages and be accompanied by expert guides during the most hard rides.

A group of passionate bike riders, like you, will become your teammates during your cycling holiday. On Thursday who would like to be a part of a night adventure, it will be organized a tour under a starry sky that makes your holiday unique and unforgettable.

A van will follow you during the longer loop rides for providing a mechanical support, refreshments and snacks.

For the people that love to ride alone is created a backpack transport service to the top. Riding up an epic mountain climb is hard enough without having to lug your warm kit on your back and also because the temperature on the Alps could change so quickly so this service could make the difference between a good run and a freezing return.

Weekly tours are organized from Monday to Saturday and they have a structured schedule listed hereunder:

  • MONDAY: Stelvio loop (distance 102 kms – altitude difference 3150 mts)

  • TUESDAY: Cancano Lake (distance 40 kms – altitude difference 566 mts)

  • WEDNESDAY : Mortirolo-Gavia (distance 115 kms – altitude difference 3200 mts)

  • THURSDAY: Evening ride under the stars ( Cancano or Gavia Pass)

  • FRIDAY: Teglio tour or Bernina pass (distance 130 kms – altitude difference 1700 mts)

  • SATURDAY: Gavia (distance 13,5 kms – altitude difference 922 mts)

If you contact us in advance, you will be sure to be part of Stelvio Experience’s programme and thanks of our partner status, you will have arranged price on the several rides.

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Service available from 26th May to 22nd September

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